AskOurEinstein Services

Last revised: January 23, 2016

AskOurEinstein’s purpose is to provide you with a rewarding educational experience and to deliver high quality, reliable information that is important to you.  Our staff of tutors and experts are credentialed and have many years of experience and accomplishments in their field of interest.  They are really smart and in their area of expertise, can arguably give Einstein a run for his money.

The Services

AskOurEinstein’s flagship service is tutoring.  Our tutors are flexible and will work with you to develop a training plan to ensure your educational goals are met.  Their areas of study and education are broad and they can provide tutoring on a diverse range of subjects.  WE are STILL GROWING so if there is ever a subject that you want to understand better, let us know and don’t be surprised how quickly we find a way to furnish this need.

AskOurEinstein experts offer personal development courses and seminars on a wide range of topics to enable you to be more productive in your work life.  Take a look at what we offer in the Other Services section on the Home Page. 

AskOurEinstein provides a question and answer service.  Yes, that is right, if you just have a question and you are not sure you can get a reliable answer from an internet search check with our experts.  They have the requisite knowledge and will provide you with an answer you can trust.